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Homeopath, Bach Flower Practitioner, Usui and  Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Health Coach & Author

My name is Polly and I am a Registered Homeopath, Bach Flower Practitioner and Reiki Master with a passion for natural health.


Welcome to my website which is full of information to help you make informed and considered health and lifestyle choices. As you navigate this site you will find information on my Homeopathy consultations, Bach Flower consultations, Reiki Healing and Teaching, Detoxing and Gut Microbiome Health and bespoke Health Coaching. You will also find my growing blog full of health and lifestyle tips, plant-based recipes, microbiome healthy recipes and more.


As human beings, we all have the right to choose how we look after ourselves and if we choose to do this by natural means then this should be available to us. It seems to me that the time is now to embrace a holistic approach to health, where all aspects of our lives are taken into consideration and not just the part that is deemed to need fixing.


I believe that we must develop bespoke treatment for each individual and find ways to live healthier, wholehearted lives. Our overall wellness is achieved by finding the balance between what we eat, how we move, how we heal ourselves and how we tap into the things that make our hearts sing.


My passion is to help you find your own healthiest potential and to maintain it for life.


I hope you enjoy the website, and subscribe to my mailing list and when you are ready to take the first step to health, I will be here to support you on your journey.

Love & light,

Polly x


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Bach Flower Remedies focus on the elimination of negative emotional states, which may be the primary cause of any illness. These remedies are made from 38 different flowers, each having their own distinct qualities and the remedies act as a catalyst, reestablishing harmony within the soul and personality, relieving confusion and restriction.

Would you like to know more about how to detoxify and purify your body using an organic, nutraceutical, healthy 21 day programme. Resetting the gut microbiome is the perfect way to kick start your health regime.

Where to begin? Health coaching will give you the plan you need to start your journey to health. A bespoke combination of diet, nutraceuticals, remedies, movement and deep healing will be tailor-made for your needs.

Homeopathy is an individualised medicine which focuses on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or disease names. Homeopathy stimulates the healing process within the body’s own vital force and immune system and the body is restored to health as a result. 

Reiki is a Japanese Healing System used for reducing stress, enhancing relaxation and promoting health. If the life force energy is low, a person is more prone to illness. Reiki rebalances life force energy within the recipient. speeds up healing on all levels-physical, mental, emotional. It detoxifies the body, aids sleep, increases energy and stamina, relaxes you and relieves emotional upset.   

Unsure which service would best suit your needs? 

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Polly has worked and supported me with my symptoms as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as any general day to day ailments including anxiety. Her holistic approach is one of looking at my overall health and well-being and not treating a specific symptom.

From the moment I met Polly I felt a sense of calm and assurance. She listens to what is happening in your life and treats your body as a whole. I believe that my excellent recovery is due to Polly's remedies and my own positive attitude to treatment.

— Suzanne, 2019

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